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Gurunavi was founded in 1996 with a vision of “Protecting and Nurturing Japanese Food Culture.” Ever since, we have continued to provide new kinds of value through food to customers across the world, based on the belief that food is an important part of Japanese culture that we should be proud to share with other countries.
In 2021, we defined a new purpose for Gurunavi: “Food: Satisfying People and Creating Connections.” Part of this—which has been a constant since Gurunavi’s establishment—is the desire to be a company that continues to provide new value to people and contributes to the development of a better society by exploring all possibilities of food and connecting all things through food.

Food is not simply something which we need to live; it is deeply embedded in our culture, it enriches lives, fosters communication, and drives social interaction.

But the environment surrounding food is changing at a dizzying pace and there are a multitude of issues facing society related to it that we must address. These include concerns over the environmental impact of food production and logistics, solutions for population decline, and efforts to reduce food loss.
Since our foundation, our business at Gurunavi has been driven by food. To address the aforementioned societal issues, we are working to connect all people and businesses to food by pursuing digitalization, implementing new technologies, working with communities, and through other efforts. Without providing services that address the structural changes of the market and seek overall optimization we will not be able to achieve growth or realize our purpose.

Gurunavi will leverage all of its resources and networks to address these challenges, doing its utmost to realize a sustainable society in which food, people, and society at large can prosper.

President and Representative Director

Akio Sugihara

Gurunavi’s business: three perspectives

To understand how Gurunavi’s business and corporate activities connect to solutions for global challenges and the realization of a prosperous future, we must examine them from three perspectives: food, people, and society.

1. Food

For information on initiatives to address societal issues related to food, including safe and healthy eating habits, sustainable industrial development, and the dissemination and continuation of culture and culinary techniques,

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2. People

For information on initiatives to address societal issues related to people, including the realization of diversity and inclusion, the promotion of appropriate working practices, and the development of human resources,

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3. Society

For information on how Gurunavi fulfils its responsibilities to society in course of its corporate activities, including initiatives related to coexistence with local communities, environmental considerations, and sound and highly transparent management,

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To address societal problems and achieve SDGs, Gurunavi partners with a range of organizations including other businesses, associations, government agencies, local governments, and educational and research institutions.

Public–Private Partnership Platform for Regional Revitalization SDGs *Japanese version only

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