Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Philosophy regarding Personal Information Protection

In utilizing personal information, which is essential in order to pursue our business activities, we the Gurunavi Group (the "Company Group") fully recognize the importance of and our social responsibility for appropriately protecting such personal information, and we will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and ordinances. In addition, we establish the "Personal Information Protection Management System" as an internal company rule to ensure appropriate handling of personal information and maintenance of confidentiality, and cause every employee to comply with the System

Gurunavi, Inc.
Seiichiro Kubo, President, Representative Director

(Supplementary Provisions)   Established: July 1, 2004
Last updated: July 1, 2013

Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Handling of Personal Information

We will handle personal information in a legal and fair manner, taking into account the content and size of our business. We will indicate to you the purpose of utilization and will not use any personal information for any purpose other than the purpose indicated to you.

2. Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, and Standards

We will comply with the laws, ordinances, policies, and other standards, customs and social rules in Japan and any other countries and regions.

3. Appropriate Measures for Personal Information Management

We will take measures to securely manage personal information, and will always endeavor to improve those measures as well as to prevent illegal access to personal information, and divulgence, destruction, damage, loss, and falsification of personal information.

4. Organized Activities for Personal Information Protection

  1. (1)
    We will appoint a personal information manager and an internal inspection supervisor, establish the Personal Information Protection Management System, and grant the manager and supervisor the responsibility for and right of implementation and management of the System and cause them to carry out operations for personal information protection.
  2. (2)
    We will improve our internal rules and operation of those rules based on the results of our internal inspections.
  3. (3)
    We will, as necessary, request our business partner companies and individuals to cooperate with us to achieve the purpose of our rules.
  4. (4)
    We will always make the Policy available to the public by publishing it on our website, our company profile and brochures, and/or placing it at our reception desk.

5. Continuous Improvement

  1. (1)
    We will regularly reevaluate our "Personal Information Protection Management System" to establish, implement, maintain, and improve our measures for appropriate personal information protection.
  2. (2)
    We will endeavor to train and educate our employees in personal information protection so that they can recognize the importance of personal information protection and appropriately manage and handle personal information.
  3. (3)
    We may change the Policy to better protect personal information we have obtained or to make the Policy compliant with amendments of laws, ordinances, and other rules, as well as taking into account our customers' opinions. If we make any changes to the Policy, we will announce it by publishing the changes on our website and the like.

6. Complaints, Opinions, and Other Inquiries about Personal Information

Please send your complaints, opinions, and inquiries regarding our handling of your personal information to the following address or via the dedicated contact form. We will appropriately and promptly respond to you within a reasonable period and to a reasonable extent.

  • * Click here regarding our handling of personal information.
  • * Click here regarding activity histories and attributes.
  • * Please contact the following address for inquiries regarding the personal information we have obtained.

Personal Information Inquiry Desk:

Gurunavi, Inc.

1-2-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0006
Complaint and Consultation Desk Manager at Personal Information Inquiry Desk

Click here to make an inquiry.

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information

Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information
Category of Personal Information Purpose of Utilization
Customers' Personal Information
  • ・Identity verification of customers upon membership registration and member screen login for the Company Group's services, and provision of services to customers
  • ・Informing and contacting customers regarding the Company Group's services, response to customers' inquiries, questionnaire surveys, and delivery of e-mail newsletters
  • ・Customer guidance and consulting, via phone or email, or in person
  • ・Identity verification necessary for provision of the Company Group's services, delivery of various notices, administrative processing including fee charging, and confirmation of validity of materials used for customer identity verification
  • ・Registration of entries for prize competitions, announcement of winners and the like, and delivery of prizes to winners
  • ・Informing, operation, and management of, and administrative works for, events, seminars, exhibitions, and the like held or co-held by the Company Group
  • ・Informing of services that uses public information
  • ・Providing our services, and ascertaining and analyzing customers' usage of our services, by using customers' visiting history or location information
  • ・Reporting customers' feedback and requests to restaurants, wedding venues, commercial facilities, beauty salons, event promoters, hotels, and the like, and product distributors
  • ・Delivery of EDM and recommendations to customers based on their purchase history, page view history, and activity history
  • ・Settlement of fees and other payments (we may exchange our customers' personal information with cell phone service providers, credit card companies, and the like)
  • ・Provision of personal information to contractors to which we delegate all or part of our services
  • ・Provision of a customer's personal information to third parties when the customer consents to the provision
  • ・Production of information magazines for the Company Group's service members and promotion and advertisement of the Company Group's business
  • ・Maintenance of security of the Company Group's services
  • ・Processing personal information into a form by which it is not possible to identify the individual, then using such information to create statistical data and marketing and to prepare reference materials for creation of websites and development of new services
  • ・Confirmation of video or camera recorded to serve customers who visit our offices and to monitor behaviors
Personal Information Obtained for Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
  • ・Exercise of rights under agreements or laws in relation to the Company Group's business, responding to claims, and appropriate performance of business
Personal Information Obtained from Business Activities and Public Information Sources
  • ・The Company Group's business activities, screening of prospective transactions and credit management, and other communication in relation to our business activities
Personal Information Obtained During Recruiting Activities
  • ・Consideration of adoption of new employees for the Company Group, contacting candidates regarding their job interviews, notification of the job interview results to the candidates and delivery of relevant recruit documents to the candidates
Personal Information of Current and Former Employees
  • ・Labor management
  • ・Communication with, and provision of personal information to, affiliates, companies receiving secondees, and the like
  • ・Payment of salaries, bonuses, and the like
  • ・Filing of notices or reports to governmental agencies
  • ・Communication for various purposes advertisement via paper, e-mail, or audio-visual
  • ・Delivery of correspondence
Personal Information of Shareholders
  • ・Delivery of our business reports or any other documents distributed to shareholders and the like
  • ・Providing notices to and exchanging information with shareholders
  • ・Responding to shareholders exercising their rights
  • ・Management of shareholders in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances
  • ・Provision of personal information for exercise of rights and performance of obligations in accordance with the Companies Act

Provision of Personal Information

1. Provision of personal information

When providing personal information, the Company Group takes measures to avoid providing personal information to any third party without your consent except in the following cases:

  1. (1)
    Cases in which the provision of personal information is required by laws and ordinances
  2. (2)
    Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of an individual, and for which your consent is difficult to obtain
  3. (3)
    Cases in which the provision of personal information is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
  4. (4)
    Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a state organ or a local government, or those entrusted by the state organ or local government in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and ordinances, and in which obtaining your consent is likely to impede the execution of such affairs
  5. (5)
    Cases in which we entrust the handling of personal information in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the achievement of the specified purpose of utilization
  6. (6)
    Cases in which we provide personal information as a result of succeeding to a business due to a merger or other event, and the acquirer uses such personal information within the scope of the purpose of utilization before the succession
  7. (7)
    Cases in which personal information is jointly used between the Company Group and a specific entity or individual, and in advance we notify, or make readily available to, you the following matters, or similar details of equal or greater scope
    • ・Joint use of personal information
    • ・Purpose of utilization of an entity or individual using personal information
    • ・Items of personal information to be jointly used
    • ・Name or company name responsible for the management of personal information
    • ・Scope of entities or individuals jointly using personal information
    • ・Method of obtainment

2. Provision of information of officers and shareholders of corporations and other entities

We may provide information regarding the officers and shareholders of corporations or other organizations that is included in the information of such corporation or other organization and that has already been disclosed or publicly announced under laws and ordinances or by such person or such corporation or other organization, after obtaining the person's consent and notifying the person of the purpose of utilization.

3. Supervision of contractors

When we entrust the performance of services involving the handling personal information, we execute an agreement with the contractor regarding personal information protection, and exercise appropriate supervision or other control over the contractor to ensure the avoidance of leaking or other divulgement of personal information.

Activity History, Attribute Information, and Advertisement Delivery by a Third Party

  1. (1)
    The Company Group may use cookies (and other similar technologies) in order to provide information that is easily accessible by, and more valuable to, customers.
    Cookies allow data to be temporarily saved on a computer or other devices used by a customer when accessing a web site. Using cookies enables us to acquire and save in the Company Group's server the customers' activity history in the Company Group's websites (including, but not limited to, URLs and content accessed and the order of access), and unidentifiable attribute information (by the combination of which an individual is not identifiable) such as age and sex, occupation, resident area, record of coming to the store, and location information.
    If you prefer not to allow us to collect your information, you can block cookies by modifying your internet browser preferences. Please contact your software manufacturer for instructions on how to change your browser settings. If you choose to block cookies, you may be unable to use a part of the Company Group's services such as the auto login function.
  2. (2)
    The Company Group uses advertisement delivery services provided by third parties including Yahoo Japan Corporation. In providing advertisement delivery services, such third party may collect and use the information of customers' access history to the Company Group's website or activity history by using cookies.
    Cookies and other information acquired by such third party will be handled in accordance with its privacy policy.
    Customers may discontinue advertisement delivery performed by such third party using cookies by accessing an opt out page created on its website.

Disclosure, Etc. of Personal Information

1. You may request the Company Group to notify you of the purpose of utilization of, disclose, correct, add or delete the content of, discontinue its utilization of, erase, or discontinue its provision to a third party of, the retained personal data handled by the Company Group ("Disclosure, Etc.") pursuant to Articles 24 through 27 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

  1. (1)
    When requesting notification of the purpose of utilization and disclosure, you are required to pay fees. (For fees, please refer to the "Fee and payment method for request for Disclosure, Etc.")
  2. (2)
    You are required to pay all of the printing costs, costs of obtaining documents for identity verification, mailing costs and other costs.
  3. (3)
    Please note that we only accept the request form designated by the Company Group, and do not accept any other request form.
  4. (4)
    We will properly handle personal information acquired at the time of your request to the extent necessary for such request, and please understand that we do not return documents or other materials submitted by you (including documents for identity verification).

2. Fee and payment method for request for Disclosure, Etc.

In the case of request for disclosure and request for notification of the purpose of utilization:

  1. (i)
    Fee: 500 yen (including tax) per request
    * Cost for replying in writing by simple registered mail
  2. (ii)
    Payment method: Please enclose postage stamps worth 500 yen with the request form.
  • * If the cost of simple registered mail or the simple registered mail system is changed, the fee for request for Disclosure, Etc. will be changed accordingly.
  • * If the payment is either less than the specified fee amount or not enclosed, the Company Group will notify you thereof, and return all the submitted documents. You will be requested to resubmit the documents.
  • * Please understand that we do not accept requests by a person who visit our company in person.

3. Name of the personal information manager

Kiyoshi Suzuki, Director and Executive Officer

4. Procedures for request

  1. (1)
    Please download or print out the "Request form designated by the Company Group" indicated below.
  2. (2)
    After filling out the relevant items in the form, and signing and sealing the form, please enclose the "documents for identity verification" and mail them to the "Personal Information Inquiry Desk." In the case of a request made by an agent on your behalf, his or her address, signature and seal are required in addition to your address and name.
    1. (i) Request form designated by the Company Group

      Request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information
      [162KB, in Japanese]

      * If we are not able to proceed with the procedures because the request form leaves out necessary items or includes misprints or other imperfections, the Company Group will notify you thereof at the address indicated in the written request. Please understand that if we do not receive resubmission of the documents (including undelivered mail) within 2 weeks from such notification, we will deem that you have not requested any Disclosure, Etc.

    2. (ii) Documents for identity verification

      Please enclose copies of any two of the following. Please make sure that the copies clearly show your name and address.

      • ・Valid driver's license (copies of both sides are required)
      • ・Valid passport
      • ・Copy of residence certificate (only relevant entries such as address and name)
      • ・Certificate of insured person of an insurance (excluding medical records)


      • ・If the present address is different from the address recorded with the Company Group due to change of address or for other reasons, please submit a copy of residence certificate showing the history of address change.
      • ・Please hide the portion of the document or certificate showing your domicile of origin by covering with a piece of paper or by other methods before copying.
      • ・If we are unable to verify the identity because the documents for identity verification are either not enclosed or unreadable or for other reasons, the Company Group will notify you thereof, and return all the submitted documents. You are requested to resubmit the documents.
      • ・If an agent delegated by you makes a request for Disclosure, Etc., we will confirm that he or she is your agent by the power of attorney to which your registered seal is attached and your certificate of seal impression, and the agent's document for identity verification, and if your statutory agent makes a request for Disclosure, Etc., we will confirm that he or she is your statutory agent by the statutory agent's document for identity verification and a document certifying the relationship between the statutory agent and you.
  3. (3)
    Once we verify the identity, we will appropriately and promptly make a response within a reasonable period of time and to the reasonable extent. If we are not able to accept the request in part or full, we will provide a reason pursuant to Article 28 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Company Group

In the Policy, the "Company Group" means the following companies which are Gurunavi, Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, equity method affiliates, and other companies with which Gurunavi, Inc. has a business alliance relationship:

  • ・Gurunavi, Inc.
  • ・Gurunavi Promotion Community Inc.
  • ・Gurunavi Research Institute Inc.
  • ・Gurunavi Support Associe, Inc.
  • * The information indicated above will be updated from time to time.

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