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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate Governance Framework

Gurunavi, Inc. is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance:

Our board members make every effort toward strengthening and optimizing our business operations, so that we can cultivate strong relations with stakeholders and raise corporate value.

Under the principle of prioritizing shareholders’ interests, Gurunavi maintains a keen awareness of the management responsibility of our directors, and upholds basic policies to enhance our corporate governance in order to prevent irregularities, clarify decision-making processes, and ensure the logical implementation of operations.

In principle, a meeting of the Board of Directors, comprised of eleven Executive Directors, including two Representative Directors, and two Outside Directors, is convened once a month for important management decisions and oversight in relation to the execution of business activities.
In principle, a meeting of the Audit & Supervisory Board, comprised of five Auditors (of which four are Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members (“Outside Auditors”)), is convened once a month. Each Auditor attends important meetings of the Board of Directors, etc. and audits the status of each director’s business execution.
Furthermore, the two Outside Directors and four Outside Auditors mentioned above have been appointed Independent Directors under the provisions of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and notification of such appointment has been submitted to the TSE.

In addition, we have reinforced our governance structures by introducing an Executive Officer system to facilitate prompt decision-making by the Board of Directors and to separate oversight functions and business execution functions undertaken by Executive Officers. Moreover, in accordance with the basic policies determined by resolution of the Board of Directors, a Managing Committee has been set up to deliberate on important issues related to management and exercise general controls over business execution. In principle, a meeting of this committee is convened once a week. The Managing Committee is comprised of Internal Directors and Executive Officers, and is also attended by a Full-time Auditor.

Corporate Governance Report

The Corporate Governance Report is available in PDF format at the following link.

Corporate Governance Report (November 1, 2018)(PDF 622 KB)

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