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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate Governance Framework

Gurunavi, Inc. is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance:

Our board members make every effort toward strengthening and optimizing our business operations, so that we can cultivate strong relations with stakeholders and raise corporate value.

We fully recognize the management responsibility of its directors with respect to the principle of shareholder value. Our basic policy is to strengthen corporate governance in order to prevent irregularities, clarify decision-making processes and ensure logical implementation of operations.

We have established a Board of Auditors made up of four auditors (all external auditors) as a measure to strengthen management. We have also installed external auditors and external directors on our Board of Directors to enhance supervisory functions. In order to further clarify the structure of management decision making, we set up a Managing Committee, which holds weekly meetings to discuss activity reports and policy going forward. The committee is made up of executive directors and operating officers and also attended by a full-time corporate auditor.

Corporate Governance Report

The Corporate Governance Report is available in PDF format at the following link.

Corporate Governance Report (June 22, 2017)(PDF 132 KB)

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