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Medium Term Management Plan

We have positioned the three years from FY2020 to FY2022 as the foundation construction period for long-term improvement of corporate value.

During this period, we will address the following two issues particularly in the field of restaurant sales promotion support services which is our core business: 1) Thoroughly create restaurant search and reservation services from the consumer's perspective, and improve the customer referral capability to restaurants. 2) Review sales measures and methods such as membership plans. Through these efforts, we will regain trustworthiness of customers to our company by making our services available to a wide range of consumers and restaurants and having them realize the convenience and the effect of attracting customers.
Internally, the company will strengthen its earnings structure to steadily generate profits by renovating a flexible internal system that enables swift business transformation, and reducing fixed costs and streamlining back office operations, which will also support to restore customer trust.
With the corporate mission of “sustaining and promoting Japan’s vibrant food culture”, we aim to support the entire management of restaurants that are responsible for food culture in long run, not just sales promotion. To that end, we will seriously address restaurant management issues and changes in the restaurant market, and also work on preparations for long-term business growth by examining and providing new value.

The above content was announced on October 30, 2019 as a medium-term business policy. For details, please refer to pages 12-24 of “Supplementary materials on the results for 2Q FY2019 and Medium-term Business Policy”.

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