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History 1996
June Established Gurunavi, an online restaurant search site for the Kanto area, as part of the NKB, Inc. business.
Aug. Launched optional reservation system service


History 1997
Mar. Formed alliance with Japan Restaurant Association
Sep. Launched nationwide version


History 1998
Mar. Formed alliance with Mebaekai, an association of long-established restaurants across Japan
May Launched train station search service
Aug. Formed alliance with Osaka Restaurant Management Association
Nov. Published Gurunavi Book


History 1999
July Introduced Otoku Keijiban, a bulletin board service for special deals
Aug. Installed Gurunavi Board, an advertising pillar providing maps
Sep. Launched NTT docomo i-mode service


History 2000
Feb. Introduced service for J-Sky on J-Phone
Gurunavi, Inc. established
June Launched Gurunavi Recipes
Oct. Launched Gurunavi PRO
Restaurant membership exceeds 10,000
Nov. Launched Gurunavi Food Market
Dec. First issue of Gurunavi News published


History 2001
Jan. Launched Gurunavi Restaurant Wedding
July Launched Gurunavi Community
Nov. Introduced member restaurants management system
Launched My Gurunavi


History 2002
Feb. Launched Gurunavi Search
July Launched NIKKEI NET Gurunavi Otona no Restaurant Guide, a guide to gourmet and haute cuisine restaurants
Started operation of Ekikara-Timetable on Gurunavi website
Sep. Gurunavi University established
Launched service on KDDI EZweb
Oct. Launched Kochira Hishoshitsu


History 2003
Apr. Launched Raku-Raku Kanji-san
Launched GPS service on NTT docomo
Oct. Launched Super Raku-Raku Kanji-san
Launched KDDI EZ navi-week service
Dec. Launched Tsukigata Hanpeita Mail, an weather information mail service for mobile phones


History 2004
Mar. Launched Baby Navi
Apr. Started providing information for Let's Enjoy TOKYO, Tokyo Metro's sightseeing page
Started operation of Gurunavi Travel
Launched SURF & SNOW
Aug. Launched Yoshimoto Gurunavi
Launched Gurunavi Delivery
Sep. Launched Gurunavi Lunch
Launched Korean, Chinese and English language versions
Dec. Opened Gurunavi BAR


History 2005
Jan. Launched Special Coupon service for mobile users
Apr. Launched Gurunavi Points (now Gurunavi Super Gu Points)
Listed on Osaka Securities Exchange Hercules
June Launched Gurunavi Value Plan
July Formed operational alliance with JR East in Suica E-money business
Sep. Introduced map-based restaurant search program
Oct. Made JOY JOY, Inc. a subsidiary
Nov. Established Gurunavi Shanghai, Inc.
Established Gurunavi Promotion Community, Inc.


History 2006
Feb. Launched Japanese version of Gurunavi Shanghai
Mar. Launched Gurunavi Wedding
Started sales of Gurunavi Jirushi brand, produced in collaboration with professional chefs
Launched Hanshin Tigers Gurunavi Restaurant Guide
Apr. Launched Gurunavi Premium
Started providing Tokyo Trend Ranking via the free magazine Let's Enjoy TOKYO
July Launched Gurunavi Travel Forum
Aug. Launched Gurunavi Sightseeing and Business Trip Support Navigator
Sep. Introduced Gurunavi Delivery order via mobile
Launched word-of-mouth food information site Minna no Kuchi Komi
Oct. Gurunavi posts information on over 500,000 restaurants
Nov. Started providing information for MSN


History 2007
Jan. Launched HapiNavi in corporation with Cyber Agent, Inc.
Feb. Launched English version Gourmet Guide on Gurunavi Mobile
Mar. Started providing information to mobile NAVITIME and EZ Naviwalk of KDDI
May Launched Gurunavi PRO Community Forum
Launched Gurunavi Delivery takeout service
July Introduced commission system for Gurunavi Delivery
Launched Drive Route Kensaku service
Started providing Gurunavi food and drink information via Suntory Gourmet Guide
Sep. Launched Gurunavi Touch
Oct. Combined Internet Navi Tokyo and Gurunavi to start operation of Let's Enjoy TOKYO, a collaboration between Gurunavi and Tokyo Metro
Nov. Established merger company FeliCa Pocket Marketing, Inc.


History 2008
Jan. Launched online movie delivery service on YouTube
Provided Gurunavi information on 2008 Beijing Olympics Special via Chinanet and Searchina
May Launched Gurunavi Yakatabune Cruising, a pleasure cruise information site
July Launched Gurunavi Shanghai Delivery
Launched Gurunavi Labo
Established Gurunavi Board in JR Osaka station
Aug. Relaunched member restaurants management system as Gurunavi PRO for restaurants
Sep. Launched restaurant staff search engine Raku-Raku Kyujin
Launched Gurunavi Channel, on which member restaurants can publish video content
Oct. Established Let's Enjoy Touch in four Tokyo Metro stations
Dec. Established Gurunavi Environmental Declaration
Launched Gurunavi Eco and Restaurant Eco Page, which profile environmental activities of restaurants
Launched Kanji no Mikata, a support site for party planners
Listed on 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


History 2009
Feb. Started providing Gurunavi widget for NTT docomo
Mar. Launched Gurunavi Chef, an online information resource for chefs
Apr. Launched iPhone/iPod touch application and website
May Launched Shukan Gurunavi Market, a subscription-based purchasing site
June Launched Nihon Zenkoku Shinkin Umaimon Chizu, a map of Japan introducing to member restaurants food produced by customers of shinkin banks
July Launched Concierge Service in Gurunavi Wedding
Aug. Launched Gurunavi Chisan Tasho Navi
Sep. Administered secretariat for Marche Japon, supported by a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Received mandate for Soco Coco from METI
Launched Softbank Mobile Widget Support
Launched Hakone tourist information site Hakone Style
Launched mobile version of Gurunavi PRO for Restaurants
Oct. Kiryu City Restaurant Start-up Course, a program to support the opening of new restaurants in Kiryu City
First issue of ingredient coupon catalogue
Nov. Received mandate from METI for advanced agricultural production initiative
Dec. Launched Gurunavi Ranking


History 2010
Jan. Developed support service for foreign tourists with Gurunavi Restaurant Card
Mar. Gurunavi restaurant guide information integrated into Sekai Camera API
Launched Twitter integration service on Gurunavi restaurant guide pages
Launched NTT docomo Auto-GPS-Remind functional support
Launched Ennou Enbai.jp, a portal site for connecting producers and volunteer workers in local agriculture
Apr. Launched Android application and website
May Started sales of Gurunavi Sound Pen and Gurunavi Audio Book Shanghai
Launched Mixi scheduling application,"When should we go for drinks?"
June Launched Chotto-Gu service, which allows users to tag restaurants to a personalized list
July Launched menu connecting consumers with food producers
Started providing information on restaurants that are easily accessible for the physically disabled
Gurunavi digital signage installed at Shibuya station
Aug. Launched iPad application Gurunavi Recipes
Sep. Launched iPad application Gurunavi
Launched My Recommended Menu Ranking, in which users rank their favorite restaurant dishes
Launched Gurutabi
Oct. Established Gurunavi Research Institute, Inc.
Merged with consolidated subsidiary Joy Joy, Inc.
Began displaying on Gurunavi the number of stars for restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide 2011, in association with Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.
Nov. Launched Gurunavi NEW Touch
Launched Event Coupons
Received Porter Prize 2010
Launched Entry Members, an entry-level member restaurant service


History 2011
Apr. Launched Point Coupon exchange service
Launched Restaurant Feature Search smartphone app
Launched website to support restaurants affected by the disaster, Eating Out Day—Give Restaurants Your Support!
May Launched Happy Restaurant in Gunma Prefecture, providing multi-course dinners to evacuees from disaster-affected areas in Tohoku
June Launched Gurunavi Casual Wedding Reception
Launched user-generated town guide Square Clip
Introduced Gurunavi NEW Touch with coupon authentication
Aug. Launched Premium Restaurant website
Sep. Launched special Secret Coupon program exclusive to Gurunavi members
Launched Gurunavi Gift Card program offering dinner coupons valid at restaurants nationwide
Oct. Launched "Watashi no Kuchikomi & Menu Ranking"
Nov. Launched Toku-GU bargain coupons for mobile devices


History 2012
Apr. Released new logo for Let's Enjoy TOKYO
Inaugurated Gurunavi Research Institute's Inbound Research Society for visitors to Japan
May Launched the Super Raku Raku Kanji-san application
Launched the Gurunavi Concierge for Gurunavi Premium members
Began experimenting on NFC certification for Gurunavi Touch in cooperation with 3 other communications companies
June Made Gurunavi Super Gu Points redeemable at restaurants
Sep. Introduced iOS6 Passbook compatibility
Launched Chef Gohan
Oct. Established Gurunavi Singapore
Launched Find it:, a restaurant search app series
Nov. Launched Gurunavi Wedding smartphone app
Launched Tokyo 100 Guide, an app for creating a personalized day out
Started operation of Michelin Guide Digital
Started Gurunavi Member Ranking program


History 2013
Mar. Established Roku-ji Sangyo ka Partners, a limited partnership for investment
Apr. Launched Gurunavi PRO verification system 3.0
Launched Gurunavi Digital Gift Cards
Established Japan Trend Ranking
Opened “SHUN*SHOKU LOUNGE” to showcase seasonal ingredients, and restaurant information lounge, “Gurunavi” in GRAND FRONT OSAKA
Launched “Yokohama 100 Guide” app
May Added Suica payment function to Gurunavi PRO verification system 3.0
June Launched ima kokode (here and now) app
Aug. Strengthened payment function of Gurunavi PRO verification system 3.0 in partnership with SQUARE Inc. and SMBC Card Co., Ltd.
Sep. Gurunavi Support Associe, Inc. received the Minister Award in Good Practices of the Employment of Persons with Disabilities and the Improvement of Workplace Environment for Fiscal Year 2013 2013 Award for Excellence for Best Practices in Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Dec. Established "Japanese cuisine to the world, to the future," a website to support the preservation and succession of Japanese food culture
Gurunavi Information Lounge certified by Japan National Tourism Organization as Official Information Center for International Visitors


History 2014
Mar. Sold FeliCa Pocket Marketing, Inc.
Apr. Launched e-money payment via Gurunavi tablet devices for transport on JR Hokkaido, JR Central, JR West, and JR Kyushu
June Launched Gurunavi online reservation system for American Express card members
July Launched SMART Check In service
Won "Best Buzz Award" at 2014 MM Research Institute Awards for Gurunavi PRO verification system 3.0
Aug. Signed Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Kyoto City for regional vitalization
Established Japan Trend Ranking versions for France, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
Launched official Kochira Hishoshitsu: The Perfect Business Gift website
Launched Gourmet Curation Magazine, Mecicolle
Oct. Launched service through which users can choose a particular loyalty point service when making an online restaurant reservation
Launched gastronomy curation site, Ippin
Nov. Launched American Express Dining Trend powered by Gurunavi to general public
Launched Japan's largest competition for chefs, RED U-35(RYORININ'S EMERGING DREAM) 2014
Dec. GIBIER selected as Kotoshi no hitosara (Dish of the Year) 2014 [as a part of Japanese food culture to be kept for posterity]


History 2015
Apr. Launched Official search site Club MICHELIN
June Opened Okayama office
Aug. Opened Ibaraki office
Sep. Launched dressing


History 2016
July Opened Ehime office
Sep. Opened Tochigi office


History 2017
Jan. Formed alliance with Ctrip, KKday
Feb. Received highest "Eruboshi" certification from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (in recognition of
efforts to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace)
Apr. Launched Gurunavi POS+
May Launched Otonavi Dining with West Japan Rail Company
June Launched Gurunavi Pay
Launched Gurunavi Data Library
Aug. Launched Gurunavi POS+ Table Top Order
Nov. Formed operational alliance with MS & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Dec. Formed alliances with Dianping and Lion Travel
Signed partnership agreement with Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote tourism and food culture


History 2018
Mar. Formed operational alliance with YOLO JAPAN CORPORATION (formerly known as: AIM, Inc.)
June Signed acquiring contract with Alipay
July Began capital and business alliance with Rakuten, Inc.
Launched LIVE JAPAN Perfect Guide Hokkaido
Launched TAKU-BEN service with Suntory Beverage Solution Ltd.
Oct. Launched Reserve with Google real-time reservation service
Added Imanomo! function to Gurunavi smartphone app
Began tie-up with Michelin Guide Official List website
Began tie-up with Instagram
Began Gurunavi member ID and Rakuten ID tie-up
Received 10th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award
Dec. Formed operational alliance with SmartNews Inc.

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