Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Browsing Websites for PC

An up-to-date version of a mainstream browser is recommended to ensure ease of use. Browsers that have been updated to meet W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) specifications provide the greatest content accessibility.


  • ・The latest Safari
  • ・The latest Chrome


  • ・The latest Microsoft Edge
  • ・The latest Chrome
  • ・The latest Firefox

Download recommended browsers

Please follow the instructions on the links below to install browser updates as required. This website does not guarantee functionality on beta browser versions. We recommend that you use the official version.

  • **Depending on your operating system and add-ons, parts of this website may not function properly. Please note that we do not guarantee functionality on mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets.

Browsing Websites for Smartphones

When visiting GURUNAVI website for smartphone , we recommend using one of the following supported operating systems and browsers:


  • ・OS : iOS 13.x +
  • ・browser : Mobile Safari


  • ・OS : Android 7.x +
  • ・browser : The latest Chrome
  • * Please refer to the conditions of use in the case of each Smartphone applications


The Gurunavi homepage provides content using movies, PDF files and other media. We recommend that you download the following software to ensure maximum functionality. Software may take some time to download.

Adobe Reader

An application used to view and print contents created in the PDF format on Adobe Acrobat.

Download site

Windows Media Player

An application used to play video and sound files.

Download site

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