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Gurunavi initiatives: 2. People

Since its establishment, Gurunavi has used the power of our sales force and other people to forge bonds with people who work in the food service industry, and developed its business with a focus on these bonds. Gurunavi believes in power of connection with others and is actively engaged in tackling various societal issues related to people.

1. Creating an environment where employees are free to be individuals and realize their potential

Gurunavi is home to range of employees of different races, ages, genders, nationalities, and other diverse backgrounds. We believe that a diverse and inclusive company, where employees can express their individuality and demonstrate their abilities, is not only important for its own sake, it also creates synergy and leads to increased corporate value. As such, Gurunavi is constantly striving to make the company a more comfortable and fulfilling place to work.

Promote diversity *Japanese version only

Gurunavi Support Associe, Inc. (Support for people with disabilities) *Japanese version only

Work Style Evolution Project *Japanese version only

2. Empowerment of individuals working in the food service industry

Japan’s rich restaurant culture is supported by many different groups of people, from food producers and wholesalers to restaurant owners, chefs, and floor staff. Gurunavi empowers people in the foodservice industry by discovering and nurturing talent, building communities, and supporting the creation of safe working environments.

RED U-35

Vaccine Matching Project *Japanese version only

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