April 13, 2016

New One-stop Guide Service, "LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE TOKYO" Launched for Foreign Visitors

TOKYO, April 13, 2016 --Gurunavi, Inc., Tokyu Corporation and Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. have launched "LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE TOKYO" (LIVE JAPAN,, a one-stop travel guide service for overseas visitors to Japan created in collaboration with 18 other participating companies and a public-sector administrative body on April 13.

There are many multilingual travel information services for foreign visitors to Japan, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for tourists to select the right websites. In response, the 21 private and public entities supporting LIVE JAPAN ( ) have taken advantage of their expertise to provide information that meets the needs of foreign visitors. The website provides information in eight languages -- Japanese, English, simplified & traditional Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai (some content is subject to limited availability in 5 languages -- Japanese, English, simplified & traditional Chinese, Korean). The details of the service are as follows:

Facilities Guide Service: find out what’s going on in Tokyo right now in four categories

"Visiting," "Eating," "Shopping" and "Lodging." In addition to providing brief descriptions of each establishment with contact and location information, you can click on a link to share the information at social networking sites. The biggest distinctive feature is the "LIVE INFORMATION" function, providing real-time information that enables users to enjoy what’s happening in Tokyo right now. For details, see Documentation 1 and 2

Useful Services

addressing visitors’ problems and needs: Divided into three categories, these services were developed to meet the most essential needs of foreign visitors: 1) a Useful Travel Map that visitors can use to search for 19 types of highly essential locations, such as ATMs, Wi-Fi hot spots, etc., 2) route search, airport bus and other transportation guide content, and 3) an Emergency Page featuring the 110 police and 119 fire/medical emergency numbers, embassy contact information, etc. The banner linking to “Safety Tips,” an app for disaster information provided by the Japan Tourism Agency, is also on the page. (For details, see

Information Content

comprises 1) features on how to enjoy staying in Tokyo and seasonal trends, 2) an introduction of Japanese culture, such as how to offer prayers at Shinto shrines, and 3) how-to instructions for using trains, paying at restaurants, etc.

■ About languages

・Top pages, Information Content

8 languages -- Japanese, English, simplified & traditional Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai

・Facilities Guide Service , Useful Services
5 languages -- Japanese, English, simplified & traditional Chinese, Korean

■ Participating Companies
・NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.
・Gurunavi, Inc.
・Keio Corporation
・Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
・Keikyu Corporation
・Sagami Railway Co., Ltd.
・Airport Limousine
・Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation
・Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
・Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
・Japan Airlines
・Vanilla Air Inc.
・East Japan Railway Company
・Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
・Peach Aviation Limited



Gurunavi Inc., Communication Department, Public Relations Group

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