December 19, 2013

Gurunavi Launches the Second "Japanese Restaurant Week" Campaign in Singapore

Amid the city’s Japanese-food boom, the event is expected to bolster tourism to Japan

Singapore, December 19 - Gurunavi Inc. announced today that it will launch its second "Japanese Restaurant Week" campaign in Singapore on Thursday, December 19, 2013, to commemorate the addition of Japanese cuisine, washoku, to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The event will run until Sunday, January 26, 2014, following the inaugural edition in September 2013.

Gurunavi unveiled its restaurant search site Gurunavi Singapore* in October 2012. This was followed by the launch of its website - Japan Trend Ranking** in April 2013, which aims to create fans and enthusiasts of the Japanese culture in international markets such as Singapore. To further encourage travel from Singapore to Japan, the inaugural "Japanese Restaurant Week" campaign was introduced in Singapore in September 2013 - focusing on Japanese culinary culture as a tourist attraction.

The second "Japanese Restaurant Week" will be hosted under the theme "Let’s go to Japan and experience authentic washoku." Guests who dine at participating restaurants during the campaign will be given lucky draw cards to win prizes including air tickets provided by Japan Airlines to and from Singapore, iPad Minis, and full course dinners created in collaboration with Seita Nakahara, executive chef at Singapore’s famed Italian restaurant Enoteca L’Operetta, and Misaki Megumi Suisan, a major tuna wholesale company.

Through dining experiences, the campaign aims to heighten people’s understanding of the Japanese food culture and spur a desire to visit Japan. The initiative also seeks to promote tourism to Japan as well as increase awareness of websites such as Gurunavi Singapore and Japan Trend Ranking.

* **

For media enquiries, please contact: H+K Strategies Singapore
Cheryl Yab 6390 3328 / 8218 8633

The Second Japanese Restaurant Week in Singapore

Location: Singapore
Dates: December 18, 2013, to January 26, 2014
Participating Restaurants: 79 Japanese restaurants
A - Japan Airlines round-trip tickets for 10 people
B - iPad Minis for two people
C - Special Misaki Megumi Tuna full course dinner at Enoteca L’Operetta for 6 couples (12 people)
D - Lucky bags for 20 people
E - Set of Japanese hand towel and gorgeous chopsticks for 500 people
How to apply:
Anyone who dines at a participating restaurant will receive a lucky draw card with a serial number. Access the campaign’s URL, complete your membership registration, and enter your serial number at the "Lucky Draw" site. Draw results will be shown immediately. For further information visit:

Participating Restaurants

For further information please visit:

Bene spaghetti
Marutama Ra-men The Central
Tomo Izakaya Esplanade Mall
Tomo Izakaya Clarke Quay
Akari Japanese Dining & Bar
Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant
Tomisushi Novena
Tomisushi Katong
Tomisushi Parco
Sushi Kou
Rakuzen Millenia Walk
Rakuzen Tampines
Ma Maison Bugis Junction
Kawara café&bar
EBIZO Kushi-Teppan
Oyster Bar & Grill wharf
Saboten PARCO Marinabay
Saboten IMM
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi THE STAR VISTA
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi TAMPINES 1
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi The Cathay
Yakitori Enmaru Ion
Nantsuttei Singappore

En Japanese Dining Bar Millenia Walk
En Japanese Dining Bar
En Grill&Bar
En Japanese Dining Bar Bukit timah
Zen Japanese Cuisine
Ra-men Marutama The Central
Ra-men Marutama Liang Court
Marutama Dining
Yayoiken Bugis+
Yayoiken 313 Somerset
Yayoiken Liang Court
Yayoiken 100AM Amara Hotel
Menya Sanji Singapore
Cable Car 1890's Saloon
Japanese cuisine TAMAYA DINING
Hanashizuku Japanese Cuisine
Oceans of Seafood
Gyu-Kaku UE Square
Gyu-Kaku Holland Village
Gyu-Kaku Millenia Walk
Gyu-Kaku Chijmes
Gyu-Kaku Anchorpoint
Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru Liang Court
Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru West gate
Ginza Kuroson
Nanjya Monjya
Toriking Keisuke
Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
Keisuke Tokyo
Yakinikutei Aochan
CoCoICHIBANYA 313 somerset

Total of 79 Shops

Lucky Draw

Customers who dine at any of our participating restaurants will receive a lucky draw card with a serial number. Access the campaign’s URL, complete your membership registration, and enter your serial number at the "Lucky Draw" site. Draw results will be displayed immediately on screen.

For details visit:
For details visit:

Show your coupon and get a pack of Gurunavi original facial blotting paper for free!

During the Japanese Restaurant Week, you can get a free pack of Gurunavi original facial blotting paper, by showing your Gurunavi original coupons on your smartphones or other mobile devices at a participating restaurant.

•While stocks last only
•To check your nearby restaurant, see the list of participating restaurants on page 2

Enoteca L’Operetta Executive Chef, Seita Nakahara

Winner of the Golden Egg Award presented to the six finalists in 2013 RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM). Hosted by Gurunavi and produced by author and screenwriter Kundo Koyama, RED U-35 is Japan's largest cooking competition for young talents of all cooking genres under age 35. Nakahara was among the last 6 winners of 450 applicants to win this award.

Age: 32
Birth place: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Culinary career: 14 years
Genre: Italian
Worked at:
・Alfaro (Tokyo) 1999-2003
・In Italy, Piedmonte, Tuscany and Sicily 2003-2006
・Aurum (Ginza, Japan) 2006-2009
・Enoteca L’Operetta (Singapore)
Executive Chef since 2009 to present

What’s Pakkin Bashi?

Pakkin Bashi is a set of wooden chopsticks with small flakes of edible gold foil that sprinkles over the dish when you split apart a pair. In Japanese, to add gold leaves to one’s life means to confer prestige and Pikkin bashi has been traditionally used as auspicious eating utensil in celebratory feasts such as ushering the New Year. The movie "A Celebration - Japanese Cuisine Enlisted as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage" is a production to mark the milestone event of washoku becoming a world treasure, and can be watched at the following site. An English version will be available soon.

Pakkin Bashi chopsticks
Pakkin Bashi chopsticks
Scene from the movie
Scene from the movie "A Celebration - Japanese Cuisine Enlisted as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage"


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