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Gurunavi initiatives: 3. Society

Gurunavi and the foodservice industry’s activities are closely connected with both the local community and global environment. Thus, we recognize the roles and responsibilities that we must fulfil as members of society and the global community, and act accordingly.

1. Contributing to the development of local communities through food

Japan is a long archipelago stretching from north to south, with regional differences in climate, history, and culture contributing to the richness of the country’s cuisine. However, with issues of population decline, aging, and shrinking local economies becoming more serious in some regions, Gurunavi is working to support local communities and add value by promoting these regions in terms of the quality they offer in food and tourism opportunities.

GURUTABI *Japanese version only


Partner agreements with local governments *Japanese version only

2. Reducing the environmental impact of Gurunavi and the foodservice industry

The foodservice industry is directly affected by global environmental issues such as climate change, air and water pollution, and damage to biodiversity, as well the impact of natural disasters on food production. Gurunavi aims to reduce its impact on the global environment through the development of businesses and services that help reduce food loss in the food service industry and conserve marine and land resources, in addition to implementing activities such as the promotion of “paperless” operations and power conservation through remote working.

Work Style Evolution Project *Japanese version only

Gurunavi food sustainability *Japanese version only

3. Sound and highly transparent management

Gurunavi is strengthening corporate governance through the establishment of sound and highly transparent decision-making processes and strict adherence to compliance, while at the same striving to earn the trust of all stakeholders, including customers, users, partners, shareholders, and society, and to fulfill its responsibilities to society at large.

Corporate Governance

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