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Gurunavi initiatives: 1. Food

As a company whose business is food, we believe we have a responsibility to actively address societal issues in this area. By leveraging the experience and expertise in restaurant support cultivated since our foundation, we contribute to the sustainability of the foodservice industry and food culture.

1. Ensuring safe and healthy eating habits

As an operator of an online restaurant search site, Gurunavi provides users with highly trustworthy information and easy-to-use and impartial services. It is committed to a high level of information security, especially in the handling of personal information. In addition, through support for agriculture, procurement of ingredients and menu development for restaurants, research and development through industry-academic partnerships, and other efforts, and through its involvement upstream in the food value chain, Gurunavi contributes to the safe and healthy food that that meets the diverse needs of consumers.

Gurunavi food sustainability *Japanese version only

Information security measures

2. Support for transition to a strong restaurant management model in line with changes to the operating environment

The operating environment for restaurants is being impacted by diverse changes over the short and long term, including natural disasters, outbreaks of infectious diseases, demographic changes, and changes in consumer needs. Gurunavi, as a management support company for restaurants, provides comprehensive management support to enable restaurants to continue to operate in this changing environment. Gurunavi’s support for restaurants includes the procurement of ingredients, product development support, multifaceted sales creation through e-commerce and other means, and the achievement of operational efficiencies using ICT.

Management support for restaurants (Gurunavi PRO) *Japanese version only

GURUSUGURI (E-commerce) *Japanese version only

3. Dissemination and continuation of Japan’s renowned food culture and culinary techniques

UNESCO registered Japanese cuisine (officially “Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese”) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2013. Gurunavi is engaged in initiatives that disseminate Japan’s proud food culture and the culinary techniques which support it, while ensuring it is passed on to future generations.

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RED U-35

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