About Us

Corporate Philosophy

“From Japan to the world”

Inspired by a deep appreciation for good food and the possibilities of the Internet age we're finding new ways to serve food lovers every where.

1.We will place customer satisfaction first.

We will fully leverage our database to provide a useful service to restaurants and all our business partners in the food service industry. We will provide fun, up-to-date gourmet information to internet users every day.

2.We will cultivate a work environment in which employees are free to pursue their goals.

We will create a work environment in which employees are able to continuously improve as they pursue their goals.*
We will ensure that employees are able to fulfill their duties to their families.
We will create an environment in which achievements and skills are assessed fairly, and suggestions can be made freely.

3.We will always emphasize the social aspect of our business and seek to contribute to society.

We will propose quality, enjoyable gourmet lifestyle suggestions to society.
We will present new food culture from Japan to the world.
We will use online business to contribute to the development of society.

4.We will pursue robust company earnings and fair returns to our shareholders.

In conducting innovative R&D and project development and taking on new challenges, some degree of failure is inevitable. As we introduce new services to the market, we will ensure that we accumulate sufficient reserves to see us through tough conditions. In doing so, we promise to distribute fair returns to our shareholders.

* We will always evolve.

Gurunavi will evolve through continuous study
Gurunavi will evolve through teamwork
Gurunavi will evolve through sharing ideas
Gurunavi will continue evolving to create a gourmet lifestyle for the 21st century

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