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Sustain and promote Japan’s vibrant food culture Through Innovative Information Services

Since our founding in 1996, Gurunavi has established two business bases – IT and human support – and by using these to continuously propose valuable services to internet users and restaurants, we have grown to become a restaurant information website that now provides listings of around 500,000 restaurants to 17.2million members (as of April 1, 2019).

Our mission since the company began has been to sustain and promote Japan’s vibrant food culture and, as a result, we have played an important role in the growth of this culture. The information services we provide have matched the discerning of restaurants with the preferences of customers and created an environment in which a variety of unique restaurants can continue to thrive, regardless of their size or location. This has led to the development of an abundant cuisine culture in Japan’s restaurant market.

We continue to be fastidious in ensuring the trustworthiness of the information we disseminate, and this approach has earned us a certain amount of recognition. We provide even greater convenience to users who enjoy eating out, through advancing partnerships with global companies and expanding entrance of online reservation.

However, our business is not limited to disseminating restaurant information and reservation services. We provide a broad range of assistance for the 150,000-plus restaurants across Japan (as of March 31, 2019) that make up our restaurant network; from attracting customers to mitigating staff shortages. As a “supporter,” we assist them in solving the issues they face by providing support in areas including the menu proposals, dissemination of information through social media posts and promoting ICT conversion of works in restaurants etc.

We are also advancing initiatives to engage the market of foreign visitors to Japan that has been expanding rapidly in recent years. The diversity of Japanese cuisine is one of the pleasures awaiting visitors to Japan and Gurunavi is implementing measures to assist restaurants that accept foreign users visiting restaurants. These include accelerating the provision of multi-lingual information by restaurants through initiatives such as the development of our patented Central Multi-lingual Menu Conversion System, which features a dictionary that auto-translates into multiple languages. In this way, we are able to provide a comfortable dining-out environment for foreign visitors and the restaurants that accommodate them.

Our goal is to sustain and promote Japan’s vibrant food culture as something our nation can be proud of, as well as make people’s lives more fulfilling and happier through food. We will fully leverage the expertise, business bases, and data we have cultivated to continue providing users and restaurants with even more convenient and innovative information services.

President and Representative Director
Gurunavi Inc.

Akio Sugihara

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