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Gurunavi is developing innovative businesses based on its firmly held belief in the possibilities of Food

In 1996, at the dawn of the Internet age, we launched Gurunavi – a pioneering restaurant search service founded on a vision of sustaining and promoting Japan’s vibrant food culture. In the 25 years since, Gurunavi has grown to become one of Japan’s leading restaurant information sites thanks to the support of our many restaurant partners and users.

In Japan’s restaurant market, which constitutes the primary partners availing of Gurunavi’s services, there are around 500,000 restaurants. Today, the restaurant business environment is changing at a dizzying pace and there is an urgent need for more efficient management and structural reform: digitalization to tackle a declining population and labor shortages, and the development of environments where people are able to enjoy food safely and with peace of mind. These changes are enormous opportunities for innovation for both Gurunavi and our partners.

In 2021, we defined a new purpose for Gurunavi: “Food: Satisfying People and Creating Connections.” This phrase encapsulates our desire to be a company that continues to provide new value to people and contributes to the development of a better society by exploring all possibilities of Food and connecting all things through Food.

To achieve our new purpose and offer users more convenient and satisfying services, we continue to evolve daily with the aim of becoming a comprehensive food community site that covers all aspects of eating out, eating in, and ready-made meals.

In our role as a restaurant support company, Gurunavi will continue to optimize and expand its business domain by leveraging the network, expertise, and data we have developed to date in collaboration with our restaurant partners. We will support the operational efficiency of restaurants, the diversification of restaurant management, and support restaurant development.

Moreover, by developing a platform that seamlessly connects all people and businesses involved in Food, Gurunavi will accelerate the provision of innovative services that respond to structural changes in the restaurant market, support the creation of new business opportunities and the future of Food, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable foodservice market.

We believe more strongly than anyone else in the potential of Food and will continue to develop innovative businesses to fulfil our mission of contributing to the sustainable growth of restaurants and revitalization of the restaurant and foodservice market.

President and Representative Director

Akio Sugihara

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