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Message from Founder and Chairman

Creating a food culture for the 21st century.

The Internet Age has opened up a world of possibilities for our business.

A leader in restaurant support

Gurunavi began in 1996 with the goal providing restaurant support services for all their needs. Since then, with rapid growth in internet and mobile technology causing a transformation comparable to the industrial revolution, Gurunavi has earned a strong reputation as a pioneer among restaurant review sites in Japan.

Linking up huge numbers of restaurants using the internet

We are acutely aware of the enormous importance of IT to the food service industry. The internet is a revolutionary tool that has brought together huge numbers of restaurants that were previously too small to communicate their message to the world.
Our growing user data and network have become valuable assets. We see it as our duty to leverage these assets and contribute to the businesses that are our shareholders, and we are confident that the possibilities for our business will continue to grow in this sector.

Creating a food culture for the 21st century

At Gurunavi we see the enormous change brought by the internet as a major opportunity. To generate new success from this opportunity we must discover further potential needs and continue to provide services with even greater originality. We believe that the combination of the food market and the e-market holds the key to creating an entirely new form of food culture for the 21st century.

Founder and Chairman

Hisao Taki

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