Stock Information


The total number of shares authorized


The total number of shares issued

48,675,100 shares (as of September 30, 2019)

The number of shareholders

14,953 shareholders (as of September 30, 2019)

Major shareholders

September 30, 2019

Major shareholders
Name of shareholders Shares held Percentage of total shares issued
Rakuten, Inc. 7,017,300 15.0
Hisao Taki 5,969,200 12.7
Japan Traffic Culture Association 1,862,800 4.0
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust account) 1,218,600 2.6
Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. 1,128,500 2.4
Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. 973,600 2.1
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust account) 934,399 2.0
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. retirement benefit trust (Keikyu Corporation account) re-trust trustees, Trust & Custody Services Bank, Ltd. 902,600 1.9
Hiroko Taki 847,000 1.8
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Retirement Benefit Trust TOKYU CORPORATION account) 702,600 1.5

*Shareholding percentages are calculated based on the total number of issued shares less the number of shares in treasury stock (1,839,162 shares).

Breakdown of shares held by type of shareholder

Breakdown of shares held by type of shareholder
Financial institutions


Other corporations


Foreign corporations


Indivisual and others


Treasury stock


*Securities companies are included in "Financial institutions".

Breakdown of shareholders by number of shares held

Breakdown of shareholders by number of shares held
Less than 500


500 - 999


1,000 - 4,999


More than 5,000


General Information

General Information
Business year

April 1 to March 31

Ordinary general shareholders meeting


Settlement date

Voting for ordinary general shareholders meeting: March 31
Year-end dividend: March 31
Interim-dividend: September 30

Administrator of shareholder registry

IR Japan, Inc.

Its handling office

Transfer Agency Service Unit
IR Japan, Inc.
3-2-5, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
100-6026, Japan
Toll-free: 0120-975-960 (in Japan)

Securities Identification Code

2440 (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section)

Unit of trading


Method of notification

Gurunavi website
In the event that notification cannot be provided via the Gurunavi website for reasons such as technical difficulties, notification shall be provided via the Nikkei Shimbun.


  1. Along with the introduction of electronic share certificates the procedures regarding changes to the address of a shareholder, purchase requests, and various other procedures are in principle conducted by the institution through which the account was opened (securities company, etc.). For further details please contact the securities company or other institution through which the account was opened. Please note that such procedures cannot be handled by the administrator of shareholder registry (IR Japan, Inc.).
  2. For various procedures regarding shares registered in a special account, IR Japan, Inc. is the special account management institution, so for matters regarding these special accounts please contact IR Japan,Inc.
  3. Unclaimed dividends are paid through IR Japan, Inc.

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