Message from the President

Dear Shareholders,

Gurunavi is expanding and strengthening its business base to achieve major growth and development in the medium and long term, guided by the concept of “Conserving and nurturing produce to ensure the healthy development of Japan’s world-renowned restaurant culture.”

We believe every region of Japan has a richness of culture and natural resources and spreading such information both across Japan and the world contributes to the vitalization of local economies.

In FY2015, Gurunavi implemented increasing our sales office, strengthening collaboration with local governments and other organizations and promoting further adoption of Gurunavi’s original multi-lingual menu translation system to encourage the flow of rapidly growing inbound demand toward the food services industry to further develop and expand its services within Japan.

These measures contributed to a year of clear and tangible achievements including accelerating growth in the number of paid member restaurants and increasing user reach of the Gurunavi website.

Gurunavi also proactively expanded collaborations with other companies, launching “Club Michelin” with Michelin Tires Japan, and creating the “Live Japan Perfect Guide Tokyo,” a one-stop tourist information services for overseas visitors to Japan, in collaboration with Tokyu Corporation and Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.

As a result of these business activities, in FY2015, Gurunavi recorded net sales of JPY 34.6 billion and operating income of JPY 6.4 billion, with an operating margin of 18.6%. This outcome means that Gurunavi has met profit targets set in FY2012, which were to reach JPY 6.3 billion in operating income and an 18% operating margin in FY2015.

We are celebrating Gurunavi website’s 20th anniversary this year. Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen our core business of promotion assistance services to restaurants, while establishing new services and businesses that will be the foundation for further major growth and development of the company.

As always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing interest and support.

Gurunavi Inc.
President,Representative Director

Seiichiro Kubo

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