Message from the President

Dear Shareholders and Investors,

We will expand our business fields to address a changing business environment for restaurants.
We will revitalize the food service industry in the medium to long term and enhance our corporate value with maximizing our unique business foundation.

Our mission is to “Protect and nurture Japan’s food culture.” We provide services both to consumers at home and abroad, and to restaurants and other businesses who are the bearers for the Japanese food culture.
Japan has more than 500 thousand restaurants who respectively possess unique qualities and collectively represent Japan’s rich food culture. Taken individually, however, some restaurants struggle as businesses; despite many positive qualities, their approach to marketing and restaurant management can be strengthened and made more efficient. The business environment for Japanese restaurants is also changing, impacted by a variety of factors: a declining population, lower birth rate and aging society that hold down domestic demand; a shortage of workers; changing consumers lifestyles; and a growing number of inbound tourists. Under such circumstances, restaurants must deploy limited management resources to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Since our founding, we have used a unique business foundation that combines the power of ICT with a “1,000-person infrastructure” personnel system to develop our business focusing on support field for restaurant’s sales promotion. In 2016, our 20th anniversary as a business, we outlined a five-year Medium-term Management Plan to realize our sustainable long-term growth in the future under which we are working to expand support fields to address changes in the business environment of restaurants, and to develop new businesses in areas that are deeply involved in food aiming to establish pillars of profit following restaurant support.
In the year ended March 2018, we began offering services that will improve the efficiency of restaurant operations such as cashiers, reservations and customer management, and steadily implemented the introduction. Collaboration with third parties and their services, meanwhile, has allowed us to develop a customer referral system that drives domestic and international consumers to Japanese restaurants and add services for recruitment and training, new branch openings and business withdrawal. We are leveraging our “1,000-person infrastructure” system to gather data on successful restaurants and restaurant management techniques; this data is being combined with detailed information on restaurants throughout the country that has accumulated since our foundation to build our unique database.

We forecast a significant decline in sales and profits for the year ending March 2019, following the result of the year ended March 2018 that saw a decline in sales and profits, influenced by a decline in restaurant marketing efforts due to personnel shortages. However, we will accelerate the expansion of services capable of helping restaurants resolve their problems and achieve their goals, and return the company to a growth path in a timely manner through that our “1,000-person infrastructure” system face restaurants seriously and the use of our database and the cooperation with third parties and their services.

We will continue to strive to expand our corporate value, by tackling all efforts toward medium to long term development of the restaurant industry. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation in these endeavors.

June, 2018
Gurunavi Inc.
President,Representative Director

Seiichiro Kubo

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